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Topics Alan Can Provide Input On

Topics Alan Can Provide Input On:


  • Year-End Checklist

—     The top 10 money matters you don’t want to miss


  • 7 Ways to Cut Taxes


  • Five Common Investment Mistakes

—     How many are you making?


  • Considering a Financial Advisor?

—     Key questions to answer


  • Interviewing Your Next Financial Planner

—     Discuss fees as well as services


  • Custodial Accounts and Trusts

—     Using them to avoid estate taxes


  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

—     Should you roll yours over into an IRA?


  • Will Your Well Run Dry?

—     Preparing for retirement


  • How to Choose a Mutual Fund


  • The Benefits of Diversification

—     Balance and portfolio stability


  • The Index Advantage

—     Market gains potential with lower costs and less risk


  • Small Company Stocks

—     Providing big results and portfolio balance


  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

—     Is the boom over?


  • Evaluating Performance         

—     Using market indices


  • Portfolio Rebalancing

—     A declining market presents good opportunities


  • Hollywood and the Art of Investing

—     The top 10 lessons Hollywood taught me about investing


  • More Income, Less Risk

—     The genius behind a peanut butter and jelly sandwich


  • The Power of Dividends

—     Using stocks to generate income


  • Preferred Stocks

—     Another way to create income


  • Real Estate without the Headache

—     Using REITs for income


  • Government-backed Mortgage Securities

—     Introducing Ginny Mae


  • Bond Funds vs. Bond Ladders


  • Bonds: Understanding the Effect of Interest Rates

—     Duration: What is it?


  • The Attraction of Bond Funds

—     Demystifying yield


  • Annuity Owner Mistakes


  • Index Annuities

—     Is there such a thing as no-risk gambling?


  • Variable Annuities

—     Should you purchase one?


  • When You Need the Cash Now

—     Getting out of your annuity, without getting into a new one


  • IRAs: Frequently Asked Questions

—     Contributions, withdrawals, and penalties


  • Converting to a Roth IRA

—     Factors to consider


  • Liquidate your IRAs?

—     Why you may want to cash out


  • Beneficiaries and Required Distributions

—     How your designations affect your heirs


  • Extending the life of your IRA


  • Self-directed IRAs


  • Lifetime Income & A Tax Free IRA To Heirs?


  • Understanding Tax Efficiency

—     Tips to save you money on April 15


  • Taking Advantage of the 2003 Tax Act

—     Many investors are still missing out


  • The New Tax Law

—     Mostly good news for investors


  • How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?


  • Eliminate Capital Gains?


  • Not Concerned About the Federal Budget?

—     The deficit: Why you should care


  • Currency Values

—     The falling dollar


  • The Price of Crude

—     Oil and your money


  • The Threat of Inflation

—     Rising interest rates and bonds         


  • Isn’t a Will Enough?

—     Why you may need a living trust


  • Long-Term Care

—     It’s not for everyone


  • Medicaid Eligibility

—     Even the middle-income may qualify


  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

—     Compare before you decide


  • Gift of a Lifetime

—     Savings accounts for kids


  • Not for School Only

—     529 Plans for retirees



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