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For anyone who has wondered if beauty could be packaged, start sipping.  Beauty has never tasted so good.  Just when you thought your tea experience was complete, along comes Sipping Beauty determined to loosen things up.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a tea that keeps working long after it’s passed your taste buds?  From better skin to a perfect night of beauty sleep, we’ve got you covered.  Go beyond good taste and awaken the experience of your true beauty potential


Forever Young



It contains antioxidants like chocolate from pure cocoa and red tea, both proven in several studies to destroy free radicals and preserve skin’s youthful appearance. 


Forever Young- Keep them guessing!

Everyone says you look young. Keep it that way. If they don't, it’s time to make them start. Sip a tea loaded with antioxidants and get ready to take your beauty beyond skin deep. Forever Young has the smooth flavor of chocolate with the refreshing touch of peppermint. Forever Young is infused in an exclusive pick of organic red tea. Sip back and relax. No need to worry. You’re sipping tea that works hard to keep damage away and weary skin on delay.


Ingredients - Organic Red Bush Tea, Natural Cocoa, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Peppermint Leaves and Flowers, Apple Pulp, Natural Flavor


Beauty Sleep



Getting 8 hours of sleep has been shown to help with cell turnover, relax muscles and provide more beautiful skin and rested appearance.  With chamomile flowers and licorice, a full cup of Beauty Sleep and a full night of beauty rest will help to unwind and recover damaged skin cells for a smoother complexion.


SIPPING BEAUTY- No fairy tale about it!
Say goodnight to tossing and turning. Beauty Sleep sees to it that you get the full night of rest that every beauty deserves. Stress or a night out shouldn’t keep you from looking your best. With organic linden tree leaf, licorice and chamomile depend on Beauty Sleep to help you unwind while renewing your skin cells. Rest assured, Beauty Sleep is working hard to give you a lineless complexion. Start counting sips instead of sheep. You deserve your full night of beauty sleep.


Ingredients: Chamomile Flower Buds, Vanilla Bean, Honeybush, Sweet Root, Lemongrass, Kukicha Tea, Coconut, Honey Leaf, Natural Flavors





It’s a tea with the tropical flavor of pineapple and papaya, infused with the powerful properties of green tea. In numerous studies green tea has shown beneficial effects in reducing the weight of study participants. The taste is truly rewarding and the benefits are Weightless. 


WEIGHTLESS- Someone hold me down!

Am I on an island vacation? Start enjoying the tropical taste of pineapple and papaya infused with the powerful properties of green tea. A few sips of this blend and suddenly you will be carried away. Even if you're stuck in the office, there's no reason why you can't start your adventure immediately. It’s the perfect combination for getting what your vacation deprived body is longing for. Reward yourself with the weightless experience you deserve.


Ingredients:  Green Tea Leaf, Pineapple Fruit, Cornflower Blossoms, Papaya and other Natural Flavors




Whiff is one of six featured teas in the new line from Sipping Beauty.  The Whiff blend is formulated to keep the body smelling good from the inside out.  The natural odor fighting properties of peppermint and spearmint rich in chlorophyll are

the perfect combination for maintaining freshness.


WHIFF- Inhale, exhale!

What's that smell? Make them ask and mean it in a good way. This blend keeps your body and your breath smelling good from the inside out. Peppermint, along with other natural odor enhancing ingredients like chlorophyll and lemon, will keep you from constantly reaching for a breath mint. If you want to cast a smell that will enchant everyone around you, start sipping on Whiff. Become the best smelling beauty in the room while enjoying every sip.


Ingredients:  Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaves and Flowers, Lemon Peel, Rosehip Fruit, Sweet Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Natural Flavor




Puritea is one of six featured teas in the new line from Sipping Beauty.  Skin detoxification is one of the first steps when trying to achieve a less oily and acne free complexion. A natural diet containing the right ingredients has been proven to have powerful effects on a clearer complexion.  Each sip of Puritea adds to the positive results of detoxifying for better skin.


Puritea-Sip it all out!

Get the deep cleansing results of a facial for your entire body. Puritea is a herbal blend of tea that provides you with the full beauty cleanse you've been looking for. Enjoy the rejuvenating and tangy citrus flavor. There’s no compromise on taste in this beauty brew. Enjoy caffeine free ingredients like hibiscus, rosehips and blood oranges that allow you to let go and make room for clear skin. Start sipping and detoxify your way to beauty.


Ingredients: Hibiscus Flowers, Pear Fruit, Blood Oranges,  Rosehip Fruit, Natural Flavor


Multi Beautimin


Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, as well as other nutrients that are commonly used for topical skin preparations.  By consuming products rich in this vitamin, radiant skin is a desirable side effect.  Now complexions can start glowing, sip by sip. 



A spoon full of sugar won’t be necessary to get this remedy down. Multi Beautimin is tea for the beauty who knows that her stunning looks start on the inside. Indulge in every sip of this fruit mélange tea that contains a good dose of skin renewing vitamin C along with other vital skin nutrients. Keep your complexion looking radiant sip by sip. Get all the fruity flavor your taste buds can handle through a burst of freshly picked apples, kiwis and strawberries.


Ingredients: Apple Pulp, Rosehip Fruit, Hibiscus Flower, Strawberry Fruit, Kiwi Fruit, Natural Flavor




Disclaimer: Ingredients are subject to change without notification. Updated ingredient information is available on Sipping Beauty retail product.

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