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FROM:         The 8 Colors of Fitness, L.L.C., 8903 Oakland Hills Drive, Delray Beach, FL 33446


CONTACT:    Margie Zable Fisher, margie@zfpr.com, (561) 417-0006


For Immediate Release


New Book Lets People Choose Exercises to Fit Their Personalities

The 8 Colors of Fitness Based on Myers-Briggs Testing



            Delray Beach, FL – March 12, 2008 – Spring is here and you’re ready to get in shape.  But if you’re a Saffron, you may be uninspired to go to the gym.  That makes sense, according to The 8 Colors of Fitness, a new book by Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner Suzanne Brue, M.S.

            “Saffron seeking people like spontaneous exercise, but often it has to include a high level of performance.  They prefer exercising outdoors, and they can exercise alone or with others. A great workout for a Saffron seeking would be getting a last-minute invitation to go running with someone else and having a low-key conversation, or changing plans at the last minute to take a hike on a sunny day.”

            To determine what fitness type you are, you must take a quiz.  The quiz lets you know what color you are, which determines the types of exercises that will be most appealing to you. The quiz is available in the book, or at the Web site:  www.the8colors.com. The quiz takes about five minutes to complete and is based on 28 personality questions. Once the quiz is complete, you learn your color of fitness.  Your color can be any of the following:


  • Blues – loyal, traditional, dependable and straightforward
  • Golds – traditional and conservative
  • Reds – quick responders with high energy
  • Greens – nature lovers who seek to quietly merge with the outdoors
  • Silvers – energized by new ideas and possibilities
  • Saffrons – strivers of clarity and seekers of truth
  • Whites – visionaries with a connection to the unconscious
  • Purples – outgoing and self-assured


            All of the 8 color/personality types are detailed in the book, along with examples of people of each type and what exercise regimens they most enjoy.  In addition, each type is given other examples of exercises they might like.

            The book release date is April, 2008. It is available at www.amazon.com and other online booksellers. Suggested MSRP is $20.99. For more information, and to take the quiz, visit www.the8colors.com.


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